Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ignatieff, Canada's Obama

                                                          Reasons to Vote for Him!

He was a war journalist and freelance writer

Ignatieff’s been a beatnik, a hippie, and we can only assume he’s now a hipster shoved inside a 63 year olds body..

"I'm also down with that Haitian Voodoo shit"

Like Obama, he has a favorite hockey team… and he tweets about it!

What a beautiful morning in the Eastern Townships, and what a beautiful goal by P.K. Subban. Spring is coming to Montreal!”
            -Micheal (The Bonesaw) Ignatieff

He’s Smart!  

Obama – Harvard Law Graduate
Iggy – University of Oxford / Ph. D from Harvard
Harper  – Economics major at the University of Calgary… aka U of Fail1

                                 Reasons to NOT Vote for Him!


 Exhibit A: Obama is the Sex
Exhibit B: Iggy's face looks like someone took a rolling pin to a lump of dough

Not to mention Michelle Obama is a fox. Iggy’s wife - zsuzsanna zsohar - looks like she lives part-time in a candy house ensnaring children.

1  I’m basing this on absolutely nothing


  1. If Iggy is Canada's Obama, then we can only assume he will destroy Canada in the same way that Obama has ruined America.

  2. haha I think you're taking the content of this post 1 Inception dream level deeper than intended.