Friday, 22 April 2011

Earth (birth) Day

Ottawa is beautiful today. I'm talking sunny, nice breeze, birds chirping, and all gang related activity has been put on hold so everyone can skip & drink koolaid in peace. To represent this, here's 2 men of Hispanic origin taking a bubble bath together...
"We're doing it up Earth Day stylez by conserving water yo"
Today, April 22, also happens to be the day of my birth. Now I don't want to come right out and say that it's gorgeous outside because it's my b-day. I'm just saying I'm not surprised. Today is also Good Friday - but because of all the awesomeness happening today I'm officially renaming it Fantastic Friday. As far as my Jewish understanding of Catholicism goes; I'm pretty sure Good Friday is slightly better than Mediocre Wednesday...but not quite as good as pancake Tuesday.
Your bowels won't move for a week, guaranteed! - IHOP
Sadly I don't really celebrate Easter. But I do celebrate seasonal chocolate that comes out around the same time as these hollidays. As I briefly touched on here, this means Cadbury Mini Eggs / Cream Eggs. Christmas = Terry's Chocolate Oranges; and St. Patty's normally means as much candy as I can drunkenly shove in my face over the span of a day.

So for today, I wish everyone a happy Earth Day, a happy Good Friday (do you say "happy Good Friday?"), and happy birthday to myself -yay!

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  1. happy belated birthday~!!! :D :D :D hope it was a good one. filled with hispanic men in bathtubs, yummy yummy flapjacks and chocolate eggs galore! ;D