Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Exam Blog - Part 1

I knew I was going to spill one of these out eventually; it’s unavoidable at a time like this. As much as I try and convince myself otherwise – I. AM. A. STUDENT! University life forces students to make school priority #1. Think of it this way… need to miss a shift at work? Just call in 24 hours in advance and tell them you’re sick. Need to bail on a date? You’ll deal with a little backlash but just make up a good excuse.  Want to get a final exam date changed?  YOUR MOM BETTER BE DEAD, (sorry for the bluntness, just making a point.) It’s true though, most Universities won’t defer a final unless there was a death in the immediate family, or you just had your face ripped off by a rouge primate.

(They require signatures from the Doctor, 2 witnesses, and the monkey)

How do I get through exams? Unholy amounts of sugar. For some reason I work much better when I’m wired off-the-wall. Here’s a list of things I put in my mouth to achieve this.
-          Cadbury mini eggs
-          Jalapeno Ms. Vickie’s potato chips
-          JuJubes  (original – not those disgusting sour ones)
-          Smart Food Popcorn
-          Tim Horton’s french vanilla “coffee”
-          Mc Donald’s Smarties McFlurry
-          Dr. Pepper

I work so well under the influence of sugar if you put me in a study room with ALL the above mentioned foods I’d probably pull a PhD out of my ass.

If I was a philosophy major, I’d immediately go to the washroom and put it back where it came from.

Sadly I have to cut this short because, well, I need to go study. Exam tomorrow! Woo-fuckin’-hoo!  To be continued…


  1. Oh so very true. I am sitting here watching the Lakers game& thinking about how I need snacks before I can start studying for my anat. exam tomorrow!

  2. I am eating mini eggs as i type/!