Sunday, 10 April 2011

What's in a Name?

Hurray! First blog post!

       I thought for my first entry I’d talk about names; more importantly nick-names. I chose this topic because I am part of a very small minority of people who can’t be nick-named… I am unnicknamable, it hurts me deeply. I have to live every day of my life seeing all my friends around me having fun names attached to them (some assholes have multiple!)

       Don’t get me wrong, I loooove my name. I have a super awesome name – Aiden Parker (that’s right internet, I’m giving you my name, play nice). Ugh fuck I love my name. When people tell me they like my name I always answer, “Well I wish I could take credit for choosing it! Ha ha ha.” Then a little bit of me dies inside. 

Here is a short list of nick-names people have tried to give me:

A-Man … moronic
Parks… meh
A … that’s just a fucking letter
Aids… I don’t actually know why this one never took off, remind me to Google it

     Seriously, it is so hard to attach a different name to me that when I asked a buddy what playful & fun name I should write under his top answers were - The Matador, King Triton, Moose, and then finally he gave up and just suggested I go with “Eric.”

Anyways, I grow tired of writing for now. Soooo here's a cute animal photo. 

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