Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Vadrum vs Travis Barker

Like 99.51% of the world, I thoroughly enjoy music (the other 0.49% being the deaf population.) I dabble here and there in guitar, drums, and as I’ve mentioned before some vocals. I decided to showcase 2 drummers today each with a video that sits on opposite ends of the drumming spectrum. I’ll leave a few comments here and there but I’ll try and let the videos speak mostly for themselves.

I could probably write a full essay on Travis Barker detailing the good (Blink 182) and the bad (everything else) of his career. I used his “Soulja Boy” remix mostly because of how much positive response it got despite the sloppiness, poor quality, annoyingness, terrible source material, and the fact that Travis finds it necessary to hit a symbol over and over with both sticks.

Tattoos > Muscle Mass
Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum) on the other hand is the Italian YouTube sensation with a heart of gold. A very talented drummer who has done popular remixes of everything from the Super Mario Brothers theme to various classical pieces.  Even more than his playing, I really enjoy watching how much fun he has performing songs. It is nice to see someone pay close attention to the dynamics of a song before sitting down to do a cover of it.  With a women’s name, and the adorable smile of an autistic child, Vadrum is simply a pleasure to watch.

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  1. I enjoy the music of both videos you posted. I gotta say "Soulja Boy" sounds better with Travis banging away than it originally did. Of course, Andrea is extremely talented and does it in a much cleaner fashion. I find it amusing that you chose the Barber of Seville to showcase. Last night at dinner, the family was singing Rabbit of Seville, Bugs Bunny's rendition. Thanks for the video! I never knew about Classical Drumming.