Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fuck You @AbuDubai

See what I did there? Right in the title? It's called exercising my freedom of speech you backwards ass city. I'm sorry, I have all the tolerance in the entire word but when you pull shit like this , I have no choice but to call you out on it.

**For those too lazy to click on the link - the spark notes version of the story is this. A British tourist in Dubai was arrested for swearing and was then routinely beaten while being held in the police station. He died.**

In all seriousness though, I just want to know what went through the minds of the police who did this. Was it a group decision? Was it planned? Was it a hate crime?

Just making sure these are still humans we're talking about right? Like these policemen still go home to families and have children that I can only assume they care about. It just seems so radically different, I'd really like to understand - maybe have a legitimate conversation with them (although I'm sure I'd leave much more frustrated afterwards.)

There's really nothing more to say on the issue. It happened. Once again the world gets another look at what people in this part of the world are capable of. This isn’t to say other places aren’t capable of the same (or worse!) it's just that stories like this are far too common. At the end of the day I can only shake my head and once again appreciate good ol' boring Canada.

Sure looks pretty though eh?

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