Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Exam Blog - Part 薩斯克奇 / 薩斯克奇

It means Part Sasquatch of Sasquatch .. I was mostly just impressed with Google Translator (once again) for actually turning it into Chinese. The problem comes when I hit the "listen phonetically" button it pronounces it as "sassa-cootch." Aw well.

The great news is no more exams and no more exam blogs! Yes that's right, I'm donnnee. I walked outside after my last final, put on my headphones, and immediately started dancing in the style of my favorite youtube sensation.

                                                   This.. this is what I did.

Goodness what an exhausting day though. Packing and moving furniture has got to be one of my least favorite things in the entire world. I would rather watch paint dry in an unventilated room listening to Andy Williams perform Moon River than move another couch.
"Heh, I probably banged your Grandmother"

What's in store for me now? Well I Just got back home to Toronto and am looking for a job for a couple months. I  feel bad because I tell my would-be employers that I need work from May through September; but I'm totally leaving after 2 months. This also means I get to spend some time real on my writing (yay!) and not just writing in "train-of-thought" mode. I'm already enjoying my freedom by spending endless hours on StumbleUpon and other vampire-sites (get it, cause they suck up your time..ha ha.)

So this is it, the end of my exam chronicles. And Now for Something Completely Different...

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