Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Exam Blog - Part Tres

Normally when I need to remember how to count to "4" in Spanish I just think of the intro to that Offspring song "Pretty fly (for a white guy)." This time I decided to go to Google Translator to make sure I had the spelling right - a program I haven’t used since it helped me pass grade 9 French. When I clicked on the drop down menu to select a language I was so shocked I spilt Alphagetti on my keyboard.
"Nutritional Facts: N/A"
The google translator I remember had only 3 language options. English, Spanish, French. Makes sense right? Well now google gives you the option to translate into everything from Chinese (simplified or traditional) to Swahili,  even to Yiddish. Most importantly, this means that Google is right on the front lines trying to help break down the language barrier between dual income families and their nannies. For example - "mangyaring huwag magpropaganda ang aking mga anak." means "Please don't brainwash my children" in Filipino. I shouldn't be surprised though, we're talking about the same Google Inc. that goes toe to toe with fuckin' China

You may be asking yourself, "What does this all have to do with exams?" Well the answer is simple; these are the posts that are given life rrrrright as I'm about to actually do something productive with my time. I'll have a powerpoint open, a cracked Redbull right beside me, in my favorite  PJ pants, but I'll still think to myself "dam I should be blogging right now!"  

Till next time...

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