Sunday, 24 April 2011

Greenpeace Whiners

From Urban Dictionary...
“Greenpeace - Was once an organization of well-rounded human beings asking the world's governments to take care of the environment. However, it was quickly overtaken by communazis, and thusly became an anti-government organization, obsessed with lying to people, making shit up, and scaring them shitless in order to sign some fucking petition banning dihydrogen monoxide, or water.”

Now normally when I read silly things like this I just chuckle to myself and then go back to volunteering, tutoring, making quilts for homeless people, etc. Today however, I have a bone to pick with Greenpeace. May I draw your attention to this article. For those of you suffering from an irrational fear of clinking links; allow me to sum it up
-    At 8:00am Friday morning a spokesperson for Greenpeace (who presumably got up on the worst side of the bed possible) decided to go bitch out the Internet for using up energy.  
-    That's about it.

I don’t think it’s even necessary to spend a long period of time explaining why this is ridiculous. Yelling at the internet is the equivalent to… well, yelling at the bloody internet. Like the universe – and the Greenpeace capacity for fail – the internet is always expanding. It’s just a fact of life by now. Companies who operate on said internet and simply using the tool the world has given them to promote, distribute, sell, globalize, connect, and do everything else that comes with the territory.

Do I need to point out that Greenpeace has a website? And how much good the internet has done for Greenpeace in spreading its message, reaching a mass audience, and bringing global issues to the forefront. It’s hard for me to take their message seriously when even Greenpeace has a Twitter account that they update dozens of times a day.

Help us build a new Warrior and become the owner of a piece of the ship! Click & share #anewwarrior

The “warrior” they are referring to is actually called The Rainbow Warrior. It’s the vessel that Greenpeace uses to do battle against injustice on the open seas.  They want donations because Pirates (or Poseidon) sunk the last one.

“ YARRGGG! We be high as fuck right now, put down that dolphin! *uncontrollable laughter* ”
My message to Greenpeace --> I'm sure you people mean well. Please stop making yourselves look stupid. Thank you.  

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  1. Hmm wow that was one idiot member of Greenpeace, doesn't he have something real to point his anger towards. Not a good way to make Greenpeace look useful, which they of course are. Good luck banning the internet hah!