Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pay it Forward

*This post has nothing to do with the Haley Joel Osment movie -If you're interested you can find my 6 page indepth review of Mr. Osment's life and career here.

What I would like everyone to pass on today is knowledge about a game. I warn you this game will do two things. 1) You'll lose a bit of faith in humanity.  and 2) It'll probably gross you out.

Oh and you can only play this game if you're a man... or a women who awkwardly uses the guys bathroom at bars using a device known as the SHENIS . Because of the exclusion criteria (penis vs no penis), if you're a woman reading this I urge you to pass it on to your male friends who will no doubt get a kick out of it. Or better yet, refer them to my blog, which you can find here

Without further ado, I give you... *drum roll*
                                                                      Urinal Poker

The rules are simple. Every goes out for a night on the town just like any other night. Make sure to bring a bunch of quarters though.

1) Scout out the washroom right when you get to the club and have everyone agree on 1 Urinal that will be deemed the "Shame Bucket."

2) Anytime one of you goes to use the washroom you must use that urinal and afterwards toss a quarter inside the bowl

3) Everyone bets on how much money builds up in the urinal before some drunken stranger scoops them all out.

Couple quick notes about the game
- I've rarely seen more than 3-4 quarters build up before it gets scooped.
- After playing this game once you'll never accept change from bartenders ever again.

With summer just around the corner I think everyone needed something new to keep the nightlife fresh, hope this helped, now go get sloppy!

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