Monday, 18 April 2011

The Exam Blog - Part Deux

Full disclosure: I didn’t really plan on continuing the chronicles of my exams; but seeing as I already titled my first one I may as well keep rolling with it.

On a routine study break I decided to throw on the movie Hot Shots, (the sequel “part deux” inspired my title.) It really is slap stick at its best and stars everyone’s favorite head case Charlie Sheen.  A quick side note – can everyone please stop praising Mr. Sheen for making comments normally reserved for mental health patients. If a homeless person on the bus started ranting about tiger’s blood and cocaine, you’d stun-gun the shit out of them.

Where was I? Oh right, exams. I just got back from my first exciting essay adventure. This means two things. 1) I’m about to go to a bar. And 2) My carpal tunnel apocalypse date (CTAD) is edging ever closer. The CTAD is a day I just made up that represents the exact moment when all my writing, typing, and video game gaming finally takes its toll on my wrists.  My guess is I’ll be doing a routine task – like carrying groceries into the house – when all of a sudden a loud shotgun blast will erupt from my wrists. A mix of terror, acceptance, and pain will sweep over my body as I fall to the group finally admiting defeat. By this point my blog following will most likely be in the tens of thousands so I’ll have to crawl to a computer and mash out “IHT HAOPPEMNED!@” with my feet. Realistically there will probably be a bionic solution to this problem and I’ll be back on my feet (hands?) in a couple of days.

What lesson did we learn today? ... Sometimes I can be overly dramatic.


  1. Okay, so your profile on 20SB brought me to this blog of yours because of this part right here:

    Fill in the blank: "People who like _________ will love my blog!"
    passing the time with a smile on their face

    Now, I must say, you did not disappoint at all! I've only read one post but I was smiling (maybe even laughing to myself?) the whole time I was reading it. You're a good writer. Following!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm still getting aquainted to the blog scene but I'm having a lot of fun with it.