Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring Cleaning with Snow White

         Every single one of those adorable little animals is going to have asthmatic lung problems after cleaning up that bitch’s house.  Seriously, look how much dust – dirt – and cobwebs are piled up in that place.

Not to mention Snow White doesn’t even do anything, she just sings while all her unpaid labor force animals do all the work for her. Singing is only 1 notch above beating a drum to set the pace for work.

The only explanation… Snow White is actually a large Brown Bear. Let’s look at the facts…
-          She’s clearly been hibernating all winter
-          The tone of her voice is only achievable by those who are next-level-constipated
-          AND it explains how she can talk to animals.
-          The “dwarfs” are just her Bear Cubs.

**Please don’t apply my logic to the rest of that movie**

Oh and at 2:54 – that Turtle is enjoying things a little too much, just sayin’.

-On theScotch

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