Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dual Survival !

In the wake of Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, Mantracker, and Man-Loves-Animal, comes a breath of fresh air. Enter Dual Survival, the touching survival scenarios of Dave Canterbury and his life partner Cody Lundin.

What really sets this show apart is that instead of just dealing with issues like not dying; the pair also deals with tough relationship problems. They remind us that in high stress situations one must take the appropriate steps to make sure that the relationship survives even after spending an isolated week drinking each other’s piss. Common themes seen in Dual Survival include balance of power, risk communication, and interior design.

“The feng shui in my moss hut is too fab. Also, vaginas are icky”

These guys give new meaning to the gay subculture of  "bears"

Next Week on Dual Survival:  Using the intestines of local fauna to make condoms
(Safety first when you’re deep in uncharted territories – har har)

What I really want to see is an all female survival show. Topics can include…
-          Concentrating sunlight onto sheets of scrap metal to create a hair straightener
-          Using ovulation to your advantage: luring and trapping animals
-          Being a bitch in the wilderness: Animals don’t care what you think.
-          Tampons from Tundra

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