Friday, 6 May 2011

Twitter Overload

Ok so I'm not like crazZzZy about Twitter... but I do enjoy passing some time on it, now and then. So when I went to log on yesterday and ran into this issue I had but one emotion. I decided to make a little picture to describe it...

31 people went the entire day yesterday not knowing what I ate for lunch. Tuna goddamnit, it was T.U.N.A


  1. That's sort of how I feel about any techy downtime. I'm all, "How will the world go on, not knowing that just drove pass a dude with a pedophile mustache on my way to Target?! HOW?"

  2. LOL I was freaking out, too. D:

  3. Aww, drats! I feel sorry for the 31 people who missed that update just because of the Twitter whale! Injustice, I tell you.