Sunday, 6 November 2011

Back in Business

Soooo I decided to put up a new blog. I’m not going to come right out and announce that I’m “back in a blog phase” because once again it might not stick. I think I came on too strong last time. Trying to put out, like, 1 a day?! Who was I kidding; that kind of blog stamina shall be left to the porn stars of the blog world.

When I decided to start writing again the first thing I thought was, “wow I’m lonely.” This isn’t to say that people who blog are lonely; I was simply noting the coincidence that I am now living alone and also had an urge to start writing again. So it’s either the crippling loneliness, or my new found appreciation for peyote – I’ll let you guys decide.

I would like to first point out a few highlights to living alone
-          I can poop with the door open (not saying I do, just saying I could)
-          I perform most tasks sans pants
-          No one steals my food
-          The length of my shower is limited only by the hot water left in my building

The complaint I have about my apartment is less about living alone and more about the loud smashing noise that happens 2-3 times a day above my head. Each time it’s just a single horrible bang that sounds like a vat of homemade meth exploding.   I do happen to know that there is an exceptionally large Japanese woman (the rarest of the birds) who lives in unit 3 above me. My best guess is that the bang is the sound of her falling to her knees for meal times.

 Ugh... I wasn’t planning on ending my blog with chubby racism. Sometimes these things just happen.  Till next time.


  1. Ahahahaha! Aww, poor thing. : (

  2. ...not you, the large Japanese woman. : b